Dr. Judith Lee - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adoption Expert

Services » Post Adoption

  1. Ongoing adoptive parents support group – traditional and non-traditional families
  2. Counseling related to:
    1. What to tell and not tell friends and relatives
    2. How and what to tell children about their adoption, birthparents, heritage
    3. How to deal with schools, other school parents and the children’s friends
    4. And what if they want to search?
    5. Nature vs Nurture
    6. Same sex, single person, and/or inter/intra racial parenting
    7. Discipline and other child rearing issues which are unique to adoptive parents
  3. Referral to an appropriate resource if the problem you have to solve goes beyond Dr. Lee’s expertise
  4. Researching resources for whatever else you may need

*For New York State residents.