Dr. Judith Lee - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adoption Expert

Services » Pre Adoption

  1. Complementary private personal orientation to what it means to be an adoptive parent and how does one become an adoptive parent;
  2. Preparation of home studies, home study updates and post placement supervision reports;*
  3. Preparation of “Dear Birthmother” letters and personal scrapbooks;
  4. Creation of and management of your personal advertising campaigns;
  5. Coaching regarding all aspects of your relationship with the birthparents, i.e., your initial telephone conversation, your ongoing telephone relationship, your visits to the birthparents, your presence at the child’s birth, your involvement at the time of surrender/placement, your post-placement relationship with the birthmother, etc.;
  6. Assistance in selection of trained adoption attorneys to represent you and the birthparents, and other adoption friendly professionals to assist you and the birthparents;
  7. Step-by-Step walking through of any difficulty or crisis which may develop.
  8. Probably other things we have not thought of but you will or may already have!

*For New York State residents.