Dr. Judith Lee - Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adoption Expert

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  1. Private adoption avoids waiting lists.
  2. Private adoption avoids bureaucracy.
    • Dr. Lee herself will teach you about domestic adoption, be the one coming to your home for the home study*, supporting and guiding you through your search and pre-birth relationship with the birth parents and will be the one coming back to do the post- placement* reports after you and your new baby come home.
  3. Private adoption avoids your having to work with inexperienced adoption workers/social workers. Agency administrators are usually experienced professionals. The social workers working with te clients (you) are usually inexperienced and sometimes not professionally trained.
  4. Private Adoption can provide immediate access to professional help
    • Adoption Agencies are usually open from 9-5 on week days and on weekends and after hours and have answering machines, an answering service or an “on call worker” who may not personally know you. Adoption is a process with many emergencies. When you need help, you need it from an expert and you need it immediately. Dr. Lee is available by telephone 24/7/365.
    • *Home studies and post-placement visits by Dr. Lee are only available to New York State residents. However she can find an appropriate person if you live outside New York State
  5. Private adoption can be very personalized.
    • You do not have to fit into an Agency’s “program”. Private adoption does not preoccupy itself with issues related to race, length of marriage, age, mass body index, beauty, sexual orientation, single parenting, religious beliefs and lifestyles, etc.